Project Date: July 2014 - December 2014
Project Value: $950,470
General Contractor
Project Scope:

The work under this Contract consisted of constructing specific sections of a new multi-use trail along the abandoned railroad right-of-way beginning at the intersection with Route 30 and terminating at the intersection with School Street, a distance of approximately 6100 linear feet (1.2 miles) in the Town of Framingham, Massachusetts.

The work included installation of temporary erosion control measures along either side of the track bed at various locations along the project corridor, unclassified excavation, minor drainage improvements, installation of new gravel borrow, compacting and grading, reconfiguration and reconstruction of several at-grade crossings, installation of active warning beacons at the Old Connecticut Path crossing, installation of new safety rail system, landscaping, vegetative screening, low concrete block retaining walls, paving, new access gates, installation of new granite curb, new cement concrete sidewalk, new cement concrete pavers, pavement markings  and other miscellaneous items of work.